Madhumukthi Story

We live in a society of people addicted to pills, chemical treatments and obsolete beliefs when at the same time, these same people are ridden with chronic diseases, pains and aches and other unexplained symptoms that modern medicine has failed to control.

That’s why our supplement line is more than just a way to put bread on our table and a roof over our heads. It is our way of unveiling the benefits of natural ingredients to people who can actually benefit from some support in their journey to health and wellness.

The concept of the Madhumukthi revolves around “Optimum Healthcare” in creating the kind of healthy society that we all yearn for. We strongly believe that being healthy extends beyond the realms of physical wellbeing. Our focus is on Optimum Health that encompasses physical, psychological and spiritual wellness.

Since our main goal as a company is to better people’s lives through health and wellness, all our supplements are made of cautiously selected natural ingredients that are crafted in FSSAI-approved labs in India.


Diabetes and Ayurvedic approach

Ayurveda the great Indian system of medicine is real blessing to mankind. Ayurveda conceptualized by great Rishis and Maharishis who were the greatest scientists of Vedic age. They have created such procedures for Health with perfect synchrony with mother Nature. Ayurveda which refeed diabetes as madumeha has the perfect understanding of this medical condition, understanding better than any system of medicine in the world. Western medicine classified diabetes as two kinds of diabetes namely Diabetes type 1 and Diabetes type 2 simply by the time of diabetes occurrence in body may be by insulin dependence or non-insulin dependence  .

But as per Ayurveda there are nearly 20 different type of diabetes conditions based on
  • Kapha dosha- 10 different types
  • Pitta dosha- 6 different types
  • Vata dosha- 4 different types

One may be surprised to know Ayurveda thousand years back itself mentioned about type 1 diabetes and clearly mentions type 1 diabetes is linked to genes ( the word gene is very new may be just two hundred years back word to modern medicine)

Reference sloka in Ayurveda
Jatah pramehi madhumehino van a sadhya uktah s hi beejdoshat,

Ye cha api kechit kulja vikara bhawanti tansch pravadanti asadhyan.

Simple translation goes like this diabetes which onsets early and inherited by parents is incurable as it is genetically linked. As per Ayurveda type2 diabetes is not a disease it is just a simple disorder and can be cures with herbal medicine, ayurvedic food and lifestyle changes. The products, suggestions, diet, exercises lifestyle changes advocated by Madhumukthi are based on principles of Ayurveda and package offered is the holistic package to manage, control diabetes as well as to prevent progression of diabetes and diabetes related complications.

Please remember diabetes is not only a single problem it is mother of all problems.

Some home remedies suggested by Ayurveda (sanshaman chikitsa)

 Patient should take or consume Daruharidra, devdaru, Amla, Harad, Baheda and Nagarmotha in equal quantity and prepare a decoction of them. This should be taken twice a day empty stomach. Alternately, one can also take Haridra (Turmeric) powder mixed with Amla swaras (fresh juice of Indian gooseberry) and pure honey.( yes it is honey!)

Lifestyle changes suggested:
  • Avoid sedentary life style
  • Brisk walking ( when to walk how much time to walk as per patient condition our Doctors will advise-simply changing your walking style can make big difference)
  • Food to eat and also NOT to eat
  • When to eat ( wat you are eating is important but WHEN you are eating is more important)
  • Sleeping time and sleep duration
  • Oil applications ( different methods)
  • Application of herbal pastes gives very fast recovery ( will be explained by Doctor as per patient vata-pitta-kapha dosha)

It’s totally integrated and holistic approach with one to one Doctor consultations and advises to make this journey of  WIN OVER DIABATES simple and effective. All products are natural, pure, sourced form natures best sources and at most care is taken while at harvest, processing and packing.

Choice is yours
Living with life-long medication and their side effects ruining our body, mind & soul or taking control of our life and living life to the best! Open the doors for better living!

Holistic approach in diabetes management

Madumuthi is offering one of its kind holistic integrated diabetes management.

The root of this approach originates from

  • Our mythology
  • Our ancient system of medicine
  • Modern science
  • Diabetic specific diet recommendation
  • And simple yet effective exercise regime

As all are well aware today India is the diabetes capital of the word. India is second in the world in terms of population number but No1 in the world as far diabatic people are counted. Our urban population are more prone to diabetes and the sad part is diabetes incidence is rural India is increasing in a rapid pace.

Alarm bells are ringing!

On more missing part is testing for diabetes is very sporadic in rural India. If proper testing and computation carried our present diabetes patients number will be much more . If we  can observe diabetes statistics spread is very predominant from the past 25 years. Reasons for fast spread diabetes is shifting to western culture in terms of food we eat, daily routine, lifestyle and  increased stress.

Health Care Doctor Help Concept

BACK TO ROOTS is the most simple approach for diabetes management.


Hindu mythology / Puranas gives great understanding about diabetes. Modern day word diabetes can be equally correlated with Pramesh or Madumeha as mentioned in various Ayurvedic texts. As per Indian mythology Lord Ganesh perhaps may be the first patient of Diabetes in the entire universe.

Ganesh – The Elephant headed God has a distinctive appearance with head of an elephant body and limbs of a human being .this all due to transplanting elephant head to human body by his father Lord Shiva which all Hindus well aware. This story may be of thousand and thousand years back but the point we have to take is the concept of transplantation that too between two distant species which we can’t imagine with all the developments of modern medicine.

The reason we are mentioning these things here is to understand the difference between
  • God vs Human
  • Possible vs Impossible
  • Curable vs manageable

The mention of Lord Ganesh and Ganesh and Diabetes is to give a confidence and moral boost to humankind that in future this diabetes will become a pandemic and at the same God is ready with solution and suggestions to combat this menace.

  • Lord Ganesh -first Diabetes patient

  • Lord Ganesh has huge pot belly – indicates central obesity

  • Short body- Indicates faulty BMI

  • Sedentary life style- prone to diabetes

  • Carving for sweets- fan of Modak and Laddus


The other possibility for this diabetes condition to Lord Ganesh may be transplantation miss matches as Lord Ganesh being transplanted with elephant head which had anatomically bigger size pituitary gland and may secreted excess quantity of ACTH and Growth hormones which may in turn increased cholesterol and other growth factors which increases insulin resistance making Lord Ganesh diabetic. Diabetes and Diabetes related complications progressed so bad and eventually lead to near collapse of Lord Ganseh ( refer story of Ganesh Chaturdhi where in fat belly of Lord Ganesh explodes indications severity of situation). Then Maa Parvathi prays Lord Shiva and Rushis ( holy saints) and asks for help and solution and God being the Doctor prescribes medicines and rest is good. God completely reverses Diabetes and it clearly indicates diabetes is totally reversible.

Now we can refer to the below mentioned Sloka ( holy phase)
Gajanan bhoot ganadi sevitam,

 kapitha jambu fal-charu bhakshanam.

 Uma sut shok vinashkarkam,

 namami vigneshwaram paad pankajam.”

We can take meaning as below

Gajanan- Elephant headed ( OhLord Ganesha)

Bhoot Ganadi Sevitam- 

General meaning :Worshiped by all living things, living beings

Hidden meaning : there are sect of herbs known as Bhhot aghna group

Here meaning goes like this Oh Lord Ganesh please consume Bhoot Aghana group of herbs

Group of Bhutaghan herbs

 Bhoj Patra(Betula Utilis), Bhllatak (Semecarpus Anacardim), shayonak (Oroxylem indicum), Gorakhmundi (sphaeranthus Indicus), Jatmansi (Nordostachys jatamansi), Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum), Gugllu (Commiphora Mukul), Devdaru (Cedrus Deodara), Sasherp (Brassica Campestris), Rudaksha (elaeocarpus Ganitrus), Durva neel (cynodon Dactylon).

All the above mentioned herbs are well known for their anti-diabetic properties and rich in anti-oxidants as referred in modern science.

“Kapitha jambu fal-charu bhakshanam”-

Meaning goes like this

 the fruit of Kapitha(Limonia Acidissima), Jamun (Sizygium Cumini) and Charu (dubra grass, Cynodon Dactylon ) all have to be consumed.

All these fruits anti diabetic, anti-diuretic, astringent and anti-inflammatory

“Uma sut shoka vinashkarakam”

Direct meaning: Son of Uma (meaning lord Ganesh), you are the one with the ability to put an end to one’s sorrows and grief.( including diseases)

Hidden meaning : Son of  Uma , after consuming the above drugs your sorrows (health problems) shall be finished.

“Namami vigneshwaram pad pankajam”

 Vigneshwara (synonymous with lord Ganesha) we bow to thy feet.

Our mythology certainly gives a strong hope and confidence to win over diabetes.

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