Cure from top to toe – Significance of Madhumukthi Products

Cure from top to toe – Significance of Madhumukthi Products

Certainly, diabetes is one of the concerning problems in the country, and that’s one of the reasons why doctors and the medical board are focusing on getting the most appropriate treatment.

And when it comes to ayurvedic diabetic products, one thing we can never ignore is the dominant help that the medication has given for Diabetes cure in India.

Ayurvedic products are entirely natural, and the medical formulas are derived from herbal compounds. This makes Ayurveda one of the best remedies for diabetes. And the no-side effects are an added advantage. 

Ayurvedic medicines kick start slowly but are very effective in the long run.

Diabetes medicines are the best because they do not cause any other sort of hormonal imbalance in the body.

Here’s the list of some Ayurvedic diabetic products that should be part of every diabetic’s routine.

Madhumukthi Nabhi Oil 


Nabhi Madhumukthi Oil: Natural food-grade product; external use only, with food-grade coconut and Desi A2 cow ghee as the base oil.

Nabhi is a Sanskrit term that means “belly button.” According to Ayurveda, possibly the oldest ancient system of medicine, Nabhi plays a key and critical role in allowing the body to absorb some medical nutrients. Nabhi is more than just a belly button; it has the potential to provide solutions to a wide range of health issues, including diabetes.

The ingredients in this ayurvedic diabetic product are processed in a time-tested traditional method that includes selecting the right raw materials, cleaning, processing, and extracting essential and critical oils using cold-pressed extractors. These oils will then be solarized and stored in amber glass vessels for 41 days to maximise bioenergy.

Once the final oil blend is created, it is churned in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for specific turns on specific days to ensure that all particles in the oil can be absorbed through the Nabhi channel.

When the oil constituents are absorbed through Nabhi’s numerous veins, they are quickly transferred to the target glands and organs in a micro bioavailable form and provide the desired benefits.


  • It keeps the belly button clean.
  • Reduces the chances of daily infection occurring.
  • Treats an upset stomach.
  • Reduces menstrual pain.
  • Boost up fertility in women.
  • Aligns the chakras inside the body.
  • Relieves out joint pains and aches.
  • It makes the face more glowing and radiant.
  • Reduces pimples, blemishes, and acne.
  • Cures face pigmentation.

The Key Ingredients in this Nabhi Oil 

madhumukthi NABHI OIL

Desi A2 cow ghee 

  • The Omega-3 fatty acid-rich ghee is said to be beneficial for improved cardiovascular health. 
  • The desi cow ghee is rich in A2 protein.
  • It also helps build up HDLs or High-Density Lipoproteins that combat cholesterol levels by extracting them out of the bloodstream.

Clove bud oil 

  • Clove Bud Oil is an antimicrobial that helps kill bacteria.
  • It works as a pain reliever for conditions such as toothache and muscle pain.
  • It also treats digestive upset and also respiratory conditions like cough and asthma.

Black seed oil 

  • Rich in antioxidants, the black seed oil may have numerous health benefits. 
  • It helps in the treatment of asthma and various skin conditions.
  • It also helps in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • It can help aid in weight loss and protect brain health.

Neem oil

  • Neem oil is an intriguing, all-natural oil.
  • It can be used for a variety of skin conditions and also as an anti-aging treatment.

Cypress Oil 

  • Cypress oil is known to release muscle pain. 
  • It’s often called an antispasmodic, reducing muscle pain and cramps.
  • Cypress oil is also particularly good at soothing muscle pain.

Lemon balm oil 

  • It helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • It can also be used to promote sleep and improve appetite.
  • It also helps to ease pain and discomfort from indigestion (including gas and bloating, as well as colic).

Madhumukthi Foot Oil for Diabetes foot Pain 

Foot Oil

Uncontrolled diabetes results in high sugar levels in the blood. High sugar in the blood damages blood vessels and nerve endings that lead to nerve pain which is significantly more noticed at foot.

One needs to be aware that diabetes-related foot pain is not just a simple pain, but it is the WARNING your body gives to control sugar levels.

Diabetes can sometimes lead to severe complications, even to the extent of leg or foot amputation. Keeping your feet healthy, clean, and soft is the most critical aspect of diabetes management.

Apply Madhumukthi foot oil to your feet and palms before sleeping daily for better results. Check your feet daily before bed and after waking up for any cuts, wounds, liaisons, rough skin, or skin patches to be attentive, and necessary medical help can be taken.

We recommend wearing proper footwear even in the house, like lightweight slippers or sandals, to avoid walking barefoot. Maintain a proper diet and exercise regime. 


  • It gives great relief to diabetes-related foot pain
  • Reduces nerve pain
  •  Improves blood circulation to the foot
  •  It reduces tingling
  •  Reduces “pins and needles” kind of sensation
  •  Reduces numbness feeling
  • Fastens healing of cuts and wounds
  • Repairs dry and cracked feet
  • Moistens foot skin
  •  Smoothens and thins calluses (thickened skin)
  •  Heals ulcers and prevents the occurrence
  • Can reduce the risk of amputation (soothes maintenance of perfect sugar levels)

The Key Ingredients in this Foot Oil ( Ayurvedic Oil for Diabetic Foot) are: 

madhumukthi Foot Oil

Chilli Oil

  • The impressive benefits of chilli oil are relieving pain, protecting the skin, and boosting cognition.
  • It also relieves pain and soothes inflammation.
  • It prevents chronic disease by strengthening the immune system.
  • It increases heart health and also aids vision health.
  • It also helps with weight loss and relieves sinus congestion.

Cinnamon oil

  • Cinnamon in various forms is used for its effect on infection control.
  • It helps in blood sugar management and also other diabetic conditions.

Palmarosa Oil 

  • It helps reduce cholesterol.
  • It prevents liver toxicity.
  • It may also help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • It also helps support symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Flaxseed Oil 

  • Flaxseed help is high in ALA omega-3 fatty acids, associated with numerous health benefits.

Nigella Oil 

  • Nigella sativa seeds are considered traditional nushkha for obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 
  • The supplements made with Nigella oil help lower cholesterol levels and blood fats called triglycerides.

Madhumukthi Tooth & Gum Oil

Tooth & Gum

Natural – Pure – Highly effective – specially formulated for diabetes-related teeth issues.

Using only food-grade ingredients, Madhumukthi Teeth & Gum oil is a truly unique natural product that helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Diabetes is frequently linked to dental and gum disorders.

Madhumukthi tooth and gum oil specialties 

It’s made with high-quality natural ingredients for human consumption. Pure and organic essential oils are used in this product. Works with dental and gingival issues unique to people with diabetes. Practical and cost-effective treatment for dental issues. 

Long-term use is possible in the smallest amount of time because it is not a medication that can be used alongside other medications or toothpaste that induce pleasant olfactory sensations. 


  • It stops gum bleeding and prevents teeth and gum decay linked to diabetes.
  • Can Kill Harmful Bacteria in Your Mouth.
  •  Helps Reduce Bad Breath.
  • It Helps Prevent Cavities.
  • Reduce Inflammation and Improve Gum Health.
  • It prevents foul breath and white teeth.
  • Reduces gum inflammation and swelling.
  • Dentin stains from smoking, chewing betel nuts, or drinking water with high fluoride content can be removed over time.

Key ingredients of Madhumukthi Tooth & Gum Oil

madhumukthi Tooth & Gum


  • Khair helps to control bleeding in the gums or the case of piles. 
  • It also helps to control diarrhea and reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders because of its Kashaya (astringent) and Sita (cold) properties.

Mentha oil 

  • It helps in killing germs in the mouth.
  • It’s used to stop itching and also to relieve tooth pain. 
  • It prevents and also reduces vomiting.
  • It helps the body eliminate mucus.
  • It also reduces muscle spasms and flatulence and promotes sweating.

Meswak oil 

  • Meshwak is a crucial ingredient that is used to fight plaque.
  •  It is also used to help fight gum diseases.
  • It prevents any existing tooth decay from getting worse. 
  • It contains minerals such as chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium. 
  • It strengthens the enamel in your teeth and leaves you with a healthy mouth.

Black pepper oil 

  • It is beneficial for the digestive and nervous systems.
  • It helps in stimulating circulation, promoting emotional balance, and reducing cholesterol levels.
  • You can use black pepper essential oil to aid digestion.
  • It also helps detoxify the body and add flavor to your food.

When you are planning to buy ayurvedic diabetes medicine, nothing else can be as good as the Madhumukthi products specifically for diabetic patients.

We believe in transparency so that you know your product well. So, get your hands on our best-selling Madhumukthi’s Ayurvedic Diabetic Products quickly, and join hands with us for an Ayurvedic Diabetes cure in India.

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