The Surprising Connection: Diabetes and Hair Loss Explained

The Surprising Connection: Diabetes and Hair Loss Explained

diabetes and hair loss
diabetes and hair loss

Diabetes, this horrifying condition is affecting millions globally and this condition happens when your level of blood sugar becomes too high. The reason behind this can be a lot. But it develops when your pancreas fails to produce enough or no insulin. Recent research has revealed that hair loss is one of the lesser-known consequences of Diabetes. This chronic lifelong condition can affect people without considering the age bar. As you are reading this, I can assume that either you are a health enthusiast or facing hair thinning or extreme hair fall for your own self or your dear ones. This is actually an essential read for you. 

Exploring the connection between Diabetes and hair loss 

Diabetes can impact any part of your body. If you have diabetes, you may suffer conditions like low or no insulin. Insulin is mainly produced from your pancreas and flows towards the other parts of the body with the bloodstream and it mainly works to break down the sugar which mainly comes from your food intake. 

When your body lacks insulin, sugar can be stored within your blood. This excess amount of sugar mostly affects all the organs of your body including eyes and kidneys, blood vessels as well as other tissues. Damaged blood vessels restrict the oxygen supply to the hair follicles and this affects hair regeneration. The accurate reason behind diabetes and hair loss is still under study but there are different factors that play a key role. 

Hormonal imbalance 

Fluctuations in hormone levels are associated with lower or no production of insulin and this hormonal disruption can often lead to hair thinning with unexplained extreme hair fall. 


You can have chronic inflammation if you are a sufferer of Diabetes. This condition can negatively impact hair growth causing extreme hair fall. Disorders of the immune system can also happen with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. This is medically termed “alopecia areata.  

Poor blood circulations 

A patient with diabetes can suffer due to poor blood circulation that restricts hair follicles from having essential nutrients and it often leads to hair thinning

As you are aware the approximate hair loss causes for diabetes sufferers. Now, have a quick look at how to take proper diabetes care 

Diabetes care with hair growth remedies

Now, have a quick look to deal with hair loss for diabetes patients with proper remedies, 

Control your blood sugar

The first and prime thing is “controlling your blood sugar”. If you are willing to reduce hair fall and control the additional negative effects of diabetes, watch your regular sugar intake. Regular medication and lifestyle modification have a huge effect on restricting your hair loss and also helping you control your hair fall. 

Follow a nutritious diet

Always go for foods rich in minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. You can find them in leafy greens, fruits, lean protein, and vegetables. All hair growth remedies will work at its optimum level if you consider a nutritious diet. The main reason behind this, everything you eat contributes the most to your body. Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet is the most prescribed hair fall tip by the experts. 

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day 

One of the main hair loss causes of in diabetic patients is no exercise or a sedentary lifestyle. You can have your best hair growth if you exercise daily and keep your calories counted. 

Try exercises for diabetes management like walking, swimming yoga or free hand exercises. Just ensure, your body does not feel any discomfort during exercising. 

Look at your stress level 

Patients often claim that they are following all possible diabetes and available hair fall tips. But, though, they have no such improvement in hair regeneration. Stress is one of the most undermined hair loss causes for diabetic patients. Chronic stress can significantly enhance both the severity of diabetes and hair loss. 

Take the help of a healthcare professional

In case of a chronic situation or if you are experiencing a huge hair loss or hair thinning, get a consultation from a healthcare professional. Personalized advice may recommend a further getaway to reduce hair fall and additional chronic symptoms. 

Losing your favourite hair is very difficult for people but you still have a chance to fight against it. 

However, the linkage between hair loss and diabetes is still under consideration for further study.  Apart from that, understanding the reasons and further investigation can ease the problems of the patients. It is an evident fact that most of them are still unaware of the need for proper quality diabetes care. Only lifestyle modification, proper care, and following the necessary hair growth remedies can help diabetic patients the best hair growth. Consult with doctors or experts now to know what is the exact reason behind extreme hair fall. 

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