Madhumukthi Diabetes Rice 4.5kg


  • Premium quality rice
  • Seasoned aged rice
  • Best cooking quality
  • Excellent taste
  • Excellent texture

Madhumukthi is a Brand known for Diabetes reversal management and helps to manage sugar levels under control with its carefully curated products such as sugar free rice.

‘Wellness Bowl’ presents Madhumukthi Low G1 White rice best suitable for diabetic people.

‘Wellness bowl’ rice is naturally selected rice variety

Madhumukti diabetic rice is white and tastes like standard white rice. We care for our patients and hence offer them safe, healthy, and tasty sugar free rice for diabetics to help them better manage their lifestyle.

This rice for sugar patient is 100% organic and natural. You don’t have to worry about its shelf life because we sell premium-quality rice for diabetes patients.
Our low glycemic rice for diabetes acts as a steady-digesting carb that makes your stomach fuller for an extended period of time and eventually keeps your blood sugar levels stable.

Additional information

Diabetes Rice, Raw Diabetes Rice

Reviews (17)

17 reviews for Madhumukthi Diabetes Rice 4.5kg

  1. amith.dasari

    Magic product

  2. mnpatrudu

    This is a tasty, seasoned, healthy and easy to cook product. Good option for diabetic to eat. This helps to maintain sugar levels without worrying. Best product which gives you satisfaction. Try this.

  3. sapsatyar

    Excellent product, worth buying and results been checked and its impressive. I recommend this product to everyone. Thanks to MadhuMukthi.

  4. Prasad

    Purchanged this product because of my friend recommended, this rice is really good and quality is good. I am happy to recommend to others.

  5. rmuddapu

    Awesome product!. Taste is very good. My father and extended family like this rice very much. Definitely recommend this product to everyone.

  6. vinodkotha91

    Am eating normally now. Am using since 2 months. Really very good product

  7. nsivavinay

    wonderful product using since last 4 months. tastes very have low glycemic index. now i can eat rice without any worry.

  8. sivavinayn2000

    awesome product. its good in taste, and happy to eat for a diabeitic. worth buying, impressive.

  9. vinaynanda66

    been using for a while. good product ,satisfied with taste and
    quality. worth it.

  10. yugendhar1

    awesome product. tastes very well. its good to see it have low glycemic index. i feel secure eating this rice. thank you

  11. bhartivihaandigital

    Diabetic Rice has been a game changer for me. As a diabetic, I used to miss out on rice dishes, but now I can enjoy them without worrying about my health. It’s such a relief!

  12. bhartivihaandigital

    I can’t thank Diabetic Rice enough for making my meals more enjoyable. It’s so hard to find foods that are both good for you and taste good. Diabetic Rice has nailed it!

  13. sujanamiriyala

    This is Amazing Rice.
    I am very happy with this product.
    I am enjoying my Food ,with this diabetic rice.
    Its texture, colour & taste is Awesome.

  14. apoorvakgtla

    Very nice product

  15. metejaendo

    Amazing product.

  16. kharjfarm

    Since last couple of months I been using dia rice
    I felt my body simtom Much Much better .
    I strongly believe that this rice better for diabetic patients.

  17. nanduri.ravik

    Lovely product with no compromise on taste n quality. Sure to help diabetic patients

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