Madhumukthi Diabetic Rice and Phytolin Juice


  • Madhumukthi Phytolin juice: Plant-based insulin.
  • Diabetic Rice: Premium, seasoned, and high-quality.
  • Comprehensive diabetes care solution.
  • Phytolin juice offers bio-active support.
  • A dietary supplement for diabetes management.
  • Enhanced well-being and vitality

Unleash a healthier, diabetes-friendly lifestyle with the Madhumukthi’s Diabetes rice and Phytolin Juice, your natural partners in blood sugar control and overall wellness.

Savour delicious rice without blood sugar spikes with Madhumukthi Diabetes Rice, a low GI rice that keeps your glucose levels steady. Its high fiber content promotes fullness and digestive health, making it ideal for a diabetes-friendly diet.

Elevate your well-being with Madhumukthi Phytolin Juice, nature’s gift that blends Insulin Plant, Jamun, and Gudchi extracts to mimic insulin’s action and balance glucose levels. This bioactive blend may reduce medication dependence and prevent diabetes complications.

Embrace a transformative health journey with theMadhumukthi’s Diabetes rice & Phytolin Juice Combo and experience the joy of living a fulfilling life, free from diabetes worries.

Reviews (1)

1 review for Madhumukthi Diabetic Rice and Phytolin Juice

  1. Salma

    I used these products for a week and my sugar levels was in control. I like these products because it helps me control my sugar.

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