Madhumukthi Combo


  • Madhumukthi Filter Coffee is a Herbal infused coffee. A simple coffee to manage blood sugar levels. It is rich in aroma and strong taste.
  • DABSAFE provides constant and reliable results
  • Madhumukthi’s Decoction Powder Supports other allopathic or other ayurvedic medicines. Showers progress of diabetes and diabetes-associated complications
  • Low Glycemic Natural Sweetener is Sweeter than regular sugar. It has a better taste and mouth fullness. The sweetener is suitable for teas, coffees, sweet making, and baking.
  • Foot Oil – Reduces nerve pain & Improves blood circulation to foot
  • Nabhi Oil – Recommended for external application, In food grade coconut and Desi A2 cow ghee as base oil improve real potency to offer solutions to many health problems in general and diabetes in specific.
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