Madhumukthi Phytolin Juice and Dabsafe Capsules With Free Tooth Oil


  • Madhumukthi Phytolin Juice: Plant-based insulin supplement with bio-active INSULIN plant juice for natural blood sugar level maintenance.
  • Dabsafe Capsules: Ayurvedic diabetes management promoting kidney function, ensuring a 100% Ayurvedic approach for reliable results.
  • Madhumukthi Tooth & Gum Oil: Natural solution for diabetes-related tooth issues with food-grade ingredients for overall dental health support.
  • Designed to address common tooth and gum problems associated with diabetes.
  • Comprehensive diabetes care approach with Madhumukthi Phytolin Juice, Dabsafe Capsules, and Tooth & Gum Oil.
  • Natural and effective combination for managing diabetes and preventing complications, providing safe and easy-to-use solutions.

Conquer diabetes naturally with Madhumukthi’s Phytolin and Dabsafe combo, a powerful fusion of Ayurvedic supplements designed to effectively manage your blood sugar levels and promote overall well-being. This unique combination harnesses the remarkable Insulin Plant (Costus pictus), enriched with Jamun juice extract and Gudchi stem juice, offering a symphony of balanced glucose levels and reduced reliance on medication. Embrace this Ayurvedic sanctuary for optimal blood sugar control and enhanced kidney function, safeguarding against diabetes-related complications.

As a special offer, receive a complimentary bottle of Madhumukthi tooth & Gum oil, specially formulated to support good dental health in individuals with diabetes. This natural and highly effective oil is made with food grade ingredients and pure organic essential oils, addressing a range of diabetes-related tooth and gum issues. Experience the convenience of this cost-effective solution, which not only promotes dental health but also provides a pleasant aroma, stops bad breath, and reduces gum inflammation and swelling. Embrace the power of natural healing with Madhumukthi’s Phytolin and Dabsafe combo, and complement it with the unique benefits of the tooth & Gum oil to reclaim your overall well-being.

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