Madhumukthi Filter Coffee – 200g


  • Herbal infused coffee.
  • A simple coffee to manage blood sugar levels.
  • Rich in aroma and strong taste.
  • No bitterness.
  • Suitable for filter and decoction coffee.
  • Supports other medication.

Madhumukthi Filter Coffee is made with all-natural and time-tested herbal (food grade) ingredients.

Madhumukthi Filter Coffee Powder is the right blend of of selected and hand-roasted premium Arabica and Robusta coffee blend.

Madhumukthi Filter Coffee is formulated keeping your taste buds in mind so that you appreciate its strong taste and refreshing aroma.

Madhumukthi Filter Coffee is a powerhouse of time-tested natural ingredients like Neem flower, Moringa Flower, Vijayasar heartwood, Guduchi root, Cinnamon bark, Bay leaf, Jamun seed, Liquorice root, etc.

We are adapted to the Indian style of milk coffees; they cannot satisfy our coffee session so we are forced to take regular coffee after some time.

In the one-word market, available diabetic coffees can be an addition to your regular coffee but cannot substitute your regular coffee session.

The specialty ingredients used in Madhumukthi Filter Coffee like Moringa flowers, Neem flowers, and bark powder of Salacia make this coffee very unique and highly anti-diabetic.

As these herbs go into your system through milk, milk activates and facilitates slow and perfect absorption of herbs in Madhumukthi Filter Coffee resulting in sustainable results and better sugar management.

Please note Madhumukthi Filter Coffee is a natural food supplement and can be helpful in diabetes management when used along with your regular medication. These do not substitute for any medication. We strongly advise you to follow a doctor-advised diet and exercise and maintain a healthy regime.

All good results without compromising natural taste! It’s the best filter coffee powder blend ever made for diabetic patients.

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