Madhumukthi Foot Oil – 100ml


Made with pure natural ingredients

• All ingredients used are food grade
• No paraffin or artificial oils
• No added perfumes, colours or preservatives
• Right blend of selected pure oils
• All oils are extracted using traditional cold press way
• Ingredients in oil are micro clustered for better absorption
• Not much stickiness or greasiness
• Pleasant natural aroma


Background science

Madhumukthi offers the best diabetic foot care products, and it strongly believes diabetic foot care is one of the quintessential aspects of diabetes.

How Diabetes affects Foot?
  • Uncontrolled diabetes results in high sugar levels in the blood. High sugar in blood damages blood vessels as well as nerve endings.
  • Damaged blood vessels coupled with damaged nerve endings caused nerve pain which is especially more noticed at foot .
  • As foot is far from the heart flow of blood to foot is reduced in this kind condition resulting foot pain and other complications.
  • Diabetes related pain people first notice in hands but as it is less intense people realize pain once pain starts at foot as it is more intense at foot.
  • Please note diabetes related foot pain is not a just simple pain it is the WARNING your body giving to control sugar levels.
  • Unaddressed diabetic foot care or foot pain leads severe complication even to the extent of leg or foot amputation.
  • Keeping foot healthy, clean and soft is most critical aspect in diabetes management.

In most of the cases once foot pain initiates it is very difficult to reverse it. So, it is always prevention is better than cure. Hence, foot care in diabetes should be an essential regimen of every diabetic patient.

What we suggest

• Apply Madhumukthi foot oil to your feet before sleep on daily basis
• Apply to palms too for better results
• Check your feet.
Check your feet daily before bed and after wake up for any cuts, wounds, liaisons, rough skin, skin patches so as can be vigilant and necessary medical help can be taken.
• We recommend to wear proper foot ware even in house like light weight slippers or sandals avoid walking bare footed.
• Always wear proper fit shoes otherwise shoe bite can create complications
• Maintain proper diet and exercise regime .Please feel free to ask Madhumukthi doctors team for diet help
• Walking improves blood flow to foot and in turn improves foot health
• Stop smoking
• Avoid taking tobacco in all forms may be it is pan or gutkha

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