Madhumukthi Phytolin 500 ML


  • Plant Based Insulin Juice
  • Bio Active
  • Natural Leaf Juice of
  • INSULIN plant
  • Dietary supplement
  • Net Qty: 500 ml

At Madhumukthi, we understand the importance of addressing the challenge of diabetes, which is why we have created a unique solution using Insulin Plant (Costus pictus), also known as Spiral Ginger or Kostham in Siddha medicine. This plant contains phyto-compounds that have been said to mimic the function of insulin hormone.

To retain the bio-activity and functionality of these compounds, we have developed a specialized process to extract juice from the leaves of the Insulin Plant. The juice is further fortified with the addition of whole Jamun juice extract and Gudchi stem juice, which enhances its bio-activity through a synergistic effect.

We suggest consuming PHYTOLIN juice in conjunction with your regular medications or treatments, in order to maintain balanced glucose levels throughout the day. With proper diet and exercise, PHYTOLIN juice may help reduce your dependence on medication. Additionally, it can prevent and delay diabetes-related complications, while also increasing your stamina and overall well-being.

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Madhumukthi Phytolin 500 ML

  1. amith.dasari

    Excellent product great results

  2. xxx xxxx

    Since last 3 months I was using Phytolin and my sugar levels are normal (5.8). Previously it was (7.2)

  3. mnpatrudu

    This is an excellent product, which gives solution for the people who are looking to get down their unusual diabetic readings. This is a natural plant based extract with no side effects. I tried this. It gave me un believable result. It is worthy.

  4. rmuddapu

    This is another good product with excellent results. Definitely recommend to use this product to get wonderful results.

  5. vijaykumar.dspc

    My sugar levels have come to control. Excellent product.

  6. vinaynanda66

    wondeful, this product bought my sugar levels to normal. i reccomend this.

  7. yugendhar1

    excellent. its very natural. it helped me regaining my energy. so rejuvanating.

  8. metejaendo

    It’s magical

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