Madhumukthi Decoction Powder, Dabsafe Capsules and Foot Oil


● Ayurvedic solution for Diabetes Management.

● Natural way to maintain perfect blood sugar levels.

● Improves kidney function which is essential for Diabetics.

● 100% Ayurvedic.

● 100% result-oriented.

● DABSAFE provides constant and reliable results

● Madhumukthi’s Decoction Powder Supports other allopathic or other ayurvedic medicines. Showers progress of diabetes and diabetes-associated complications

● Foot Oil – Reduces nerve pain & Improves blood circulation to foot



Filter Decoration Coffee

MADHUMUKTHI Herb & Spice Decoction mix is a very effective yet simple to make decoction powder made with natural spices and herbs.
Made with premium items like neem flower and moringa flower known for their anti-oxidant activities as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
Enriched with lakadong organic raw turmeric which is natures best turmeric with curcumin levels in excess of 8.5 %

Foot Oil
Made with pure natural ingredients

• All ingredients used are food grade
• No paraffin or artificial oils
• No added perfumes, colours or preservatives
• Right blend of selected pure oils
• All oils are extracted using traditional cold press way
• Ingredients in oil are micro clustered for better absorption
• Not much stickiness or greasiness
• Pleasant natural aroma

Dabsafe Capsules

Dabsafe is a genuine ayurvedic product that can offer outstanding results in the treatment of diabetes. DABSAFE capsules are known to be one of the safest diabetes treatments for Ayurvedic diabetes.

The capsules of DABSAFE function for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Dabsafe Makes the amount of blood sugar substantially decreased, It enhances glycolysis so that within the cells, the body can easily break down sugars., Decreasing the production of sugar in the liver, the Digestion of carbohydrates inside the gut slows down, and the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestine increases.

One of the main functions of these diabetic capsules is activating an important enzyme called AMPK, which regulates metabolism are time tested for its efficacy and efficiency.

Ingredients in DABSAFE work at the molecular level and have a variety of functions inside cells.

All of these herbs are obtained from the best sources in nature and prepared in a manner that synergizes these herbs in combination. Synergistic effects mean that the success of one herb is complemented by another herb to make the results more successful.



Filter Decoration Coffee


Foot Oil


Debsafe Capsule



Filter Decorative Coffee

Naturally lowers glucose levels
Supports other allopathic or other ayurvedic medicines
Showers progress of diabetes and diabetes associated complications
Improves overall strength and well being
Improves immunity
Reduces inflammation associated with diabetes
Improves digestion
Reduces body pains
Reduces foot pain and tingling which are common with diabetics
Improves muscle tone
Reduces protein loss which is common in diabetics
Prevents constipation
Reduces acidity related issues
Reduces arthritis associated pains (in case having issue)

The good part is all good things without major bitterness.
As it is being a natural food supplement can be taken with much more confidence as there are no associated side effects of any kind.

Free from any kind of flavors, colors or chemicals.

Foot Oil
Gives great relief to diabetes related foot pain

• Reduces nerve pain
• Improves blood circulation to foot
• Reduces tingling
• Reduces “pins and needles” kind of sensation
• Reduces numbness feeling
• Fastens healing of cuts and wounds
• Repairs dry and cracked feet
• Moistens foot skin
• Smoothens and thins calluses ( thickened skin)
• Heals ulcers and prevents occurrence
• Can reduce risk of amputation ( subjected maintenance of perfect sugar levels)

• Faster and sustainable results

• Application to foot and palm assures better sleep



*DABSAFE is all together a new generation of authentic Ayurvedic formulation
*DABSAFE IS 100% Natural
*DABSAFE is safe with Zero side effects
*DABSAFE highly effective and fast-acting

How to Use

How to Use

Filter Decoration Powder

Just add 3 to 4 gms powder to 300 ml of water and boil until water becomes half.
Cool it and drink two time a day once in the morning on empty stomach and second time after dinner before sleep.
Don’t keep prepared decoction more than 8-10 hours, prefer to brew and consume as fresh as possible for better results.


Foot Oil
How to use?
For prevention

Take sufficient quantity of Madhumukthi foot oil to palm and apply to bottom of foot and upper part of foot up to ankle.
Same oil can be applied to palm also.

In case already suffering from foot issues

Use twice a day.
Second time apply in morning after bath and after oil application let it dry for half an hour then wear cotton socks and wear shoes or sandals

Other Advise

It is better to apply oil as a last activity of day just before sleep on bed itself so that oil will stay on foot for more time without disturbance so as oil will be better absorbed by foot.
Take time and put effort to apply oil as it is spread uniformly over foot area and please take extra care and caution to apply areas in between fingers otherwise this area will be missed form oil application.
Always keep home slippers next to bed and walk with slippers only .
Take at most caution and avoid walking barefoot as oil may make walking slippery and can may cause sliding on ground.
If possible use warm water for foot cleaning.
Add salt to water for better cleaning
Avoid harsh soaps for foot cleaning


Debsafe Capsules

Take DABSAFE capsules three times a day
Once in morning before or after breakfast
Once in night before or after dinner
Once in afternoon before or after lunch
Capsules can be taken with plain or warm water.

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