Madhumukthi Nabhi Oil – 15ml


Madhumukthi NABHI OIL Food grade natural product Recommended for external application, In food grade coconut and Desi A2 cow ghee as base oil.


Madhumukthi NABHI OIL Food-grade natural product Recommended for external application, In food-grade coconut and Desi A2 cow ghee as base oil.

Nabhi is a Sanskrit word that translates to belly button. As per Ayurveda which is perhaps the most ancient system of medicine Nabhi plays a vital and critical role by which the body can absorb some medical nutrients. Nabhi is not a simple belly button it holds real potency to offer solutions to many health problems in general and diabetes in specific.

Ingredients in nabhi oil are processed in a time tested traditional way which involves the selection of the right raw materials, cleaning, processing, extraction of essential and critical oils using cold-pressed extractors further these oils will be solarized keeping them in amber glass vessels for 41 days to enhance bioenergy.
Once the final blend of oil is made it is churned in clockwise direction and anti-clockwise direction for certain turns for certain days to so as ingredients are Nano micronized so as all particles in oil can be absorbed through Nabhi channel.

As Nabhi is connected to multiple veins in the body as it absorbs the oil ingredients they will be rapidly transported in micro bio available form and reach target glands and organs to deliver the desired results.

There is another school of thought which mentions Nabhi approach as PECHOTI method. As per this school of thought, PECHOTI is a miracle and unseen gland which has a Nabhi receiving channel whereby the medical and anti-diabetic ingredients in oil reach this PECHOTI gland and this gland in turn activates the corresponding nerves which in turn activate the pancreas and other associated nerves and organs associated with diabetes. Check our other pages of nabhi oil to know more about the belly button oil benefits.



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  1. Mohan Kumar

    Good Product, good price

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